Graduate Program:
Graduate program in Computer Engineering consists of fulfilling course and dissertation requirements in accordance with the regulations set forth by the graduate school .

The department focuses its graduate teaching and research programs in the following areas: digital image and signal processing, fault-tolerant computing, software engineering, distributed systems (software), simulation, theory and implementation of (functional) languages, algorithm design and analysis.

The department  offers undergraduate courses at both the introductory and intermediate levels in the  above  areas. Graduate courses leading to research topics  are at the forefront of current knowledge  and technology. Guided individual study projects, available  in  graduate courses , provide opportunities for student participation in research activities in the department and in the university . In the graduate program, original research in close association with individual faculty members is always emphasized.

Career Profiles:
By providing fundamental principles, skills, and tools to innovate and excel, our graduates will become leaders in their profession at all levels for careers in industry, academic and public services.