Student Internships


– There will be a meeting to inform students about internships on March 19, Thursday, at 12.30 in Classroom 2 (Derslik 2). (The original announcement was for March 12 but the meeting is postponed 1 week). Students who will be interns in 2020 Summer for the first time have to attend the meeting. If anyone is not able to attend due to a valid excuse, she/he should get in touch with Kurtuluş KÜLLÜ before the meeting.
Note: Summer internship is not required for students who started the university in 2018 or later (those with student ids starting with 18 or greater). These students are not expected to attend the meeting.

– Many students are asking for a document these days to prove that summer internship is a requirement. A letter that can be used for this purpose can be found below under the “Before the Internship” part. All institutions are not asking for such a document but if it is asked for, you can fill this form, get it approved by the department chair, and use it. 

– The earliest date to start an internship for 2020 is June 15. If you are going to take resit (bütünleme) exams, it will be better to start after these exams on June 29. Pay attention to official holidays such as July 15 and Eid al-Adha (Kurban Bayramı) in Turkey. 


Internship Commission:

  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Recep Eryiğit
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Gazi Erkan Bostancı
  • Assist.Prof.Dr. Hacer Yalım Keleş
  • Instr.Dr. Kurtuluş Küllü

After internship evaluations, a letter grade will be decided like in other courses and this grade will affect your GPA according to the Internship course’s credits. Read this document (in Turkish) to learn about the department commission’s grading decisions. 

Ankara University, Engineering Faculty, Computer Engineering Department students are required to carry out practical work (internship) at a domestic or foreign company related to the field in order to graduate. Read the Engineering Faculty Internship Regulations (in Turkish)

For students who started the department between 2013-2017, i.e., those with first two digits of student id numbers as 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17, there is a single, 30-work-day obligatory internship which is expected to be done at the end of 3rd year. For a more detailed explanation, read the internship duration rules (in Turkish).

For students who started the department earlier, there is a total of 60 workdays obligatory internship requirement. Students have to complete this in 2 different summers with 2 different 30-work-day internships. 

For newer students, there is an Industrial Training practice in one semester of the last year instead of summer internships.  

Some important issues about summer internships are as follows.

– Internships can only be done during summers. In other words, an internship can only start after the end of Spring semester exams and must end before courses start in the following Fall semester.

– If a student is taking a resit (bütünleme) exam (or resit exams) during an internship, she/he has to take one/half day leave from the internship place. Such leaves without a medical report cannot be more than 3 days in total. These days must be compensated with extra workdays so that the total number of days worked is not different from what is intended at the beginning. Please read Item 10 (Internship Attendance) in the faculty regulations linked above.

– A student taking courses in the summer semester cannot do an internship during the course weeks. 

There is only a single internship course to take (BLM/COM 499) even if a student undertakes multiple internships. This course is a 4th year 1st semester course (that should be taken after internships are completed under normal circumstances). Students who take an internship at the end of 2nd year and start their 3rd year do not take an internship course. 

If you did not complete the internship requirement when starting the 4th year, it might be a good idea to take the internship course if you can (if AKTS limits allow you to take it).  If you take the course in this situation, you will fail it at end of the semester but, when you do an internship at the end of next summer (after 4th year) it becomes possible to correct your course grade without taking the course again. This correction is not guaranteed but easier to do compared to the alternative (see next sentence). If internship requirement is the only task left for your graduation and you never took the internship course, it is more difficult (and may not be possible) to add this course to your record without actually taking it in the extra Fall semester. The worst-case scenario is that, if you complete your internship after you finish your courses you will graduate at the end of next Fall semester because you will have to take (or retake) the internship course. In summary. it can be said that it is better to have failed the course than not to have taken it in order to correct/enter your passing grade. But the option that is actually the best is to complete the required internships before reaching your final year. 

Double major students: Double major students are also required to do the internships. To use the same internship to fulfil the requirements in both departments, students must apply to each department’s internship commission separately and get their approval. Please read the related items in the faculty regulations linked above. 


Students should apply to target institutions as soon as possible. 

A list of some institutions where students took internships

When a student receives a positive return from an institution, she/he should determine the dates with them and get an “Acceptance Letter” from them. Please pay attention to official holidays and resit exam dates when determining internship dates. The acceptance letter is a document in which your internship institution confirms/approves the dates and the fact that you will do an internship there. This is not a standard form. You can check this document for an example.

You will be attaching this acceptance letter to the Internship Information Form together with some other documents. Some institutions ask for a document specifying that the internship is compulsory and that the university will carry out the necessary social security tasks before they accept a student. If there is such a request, you can use this letter.

One of the other attachments is “a document from Social Security Institution (Tr. Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu; SGK) that states the social security status”. The document we want is NOT the one with the record of services, it is the document named in Turkish as “SPAS (Sağlık Provizyon Aktivasyon Sistemi) Müstehaklık Sorgulama”. Click here for an example obtained from E-government. You can obtain this document from SGK offices or e-government. Please look at the frequently asked questions about the social security process. 

Lastly, you need to attach photocopies of both your official ID and student ID to the Internship Information Form. You should submit this set of documents together with a signed Acceptance and Commitment Letter to the Department Secretarial Office. In summary, the list of documents to be submitted are: 

  1. Internship Institution’s Acceptance Letter (sample); 
  2. Statement of Social Security Status from SGK;
  3. Internship Information Form;
  4. copy of Official ID;
  5. copy of student ID; and
  6. Acceptance and Commitment Letter.

All documents must be submitted to the department secretarial office latest at the end of the classes (before the finals begin) in order for the social security process to be completed.

If there is no problem with the documents, the social security process will be done by the faculty approximately 10 days before your internship start date and a document called “Sigortalı İşe Giriş Bildirgesi” (Insured Entry to Work) will be produced. This is an official document regarding the process. Before you start the internship, you should take this document personally from the Faculty Student Affairs Office and take it with you to your internship on your first day. It is not possible to fax this document.


You are expected to physically and fully attend the internship. If there are days you miss by informing the internship place because of valid reasons, you should compensate for them. In short, the actual dates and length (the number of work-days) of the internship cannot be different from the dates and length on your submitted documents. The information on the documents before and after the internship should be consistent. There is also an upper limit for the missed days. Please read the Engineering Faculty Internship Regulations for details.


Upon completion of the internship, after the Fall semester starts, the student will submit two things until an announced deadline: (1) The Internship Report and (2) The Intern Evaluation Form. English program students must write the report in English. Others can optionally write in English.

The pages of the internship report should be signed (marked) with initials by an authority in the internship institution and the “Institution Information” page should be signed by the same person, specifying the name and title.

A CD/DVD envelope should be glued (or taped) to the inside of the back cover of the internship report and a CD/DVD must be included. This disc will contain the codes, documents, etc. related to the work done in the internship, together with the electronic copy of the report. If there are libraries, installation files, etc. required to run these codes, these should also be included. A “readme” text file should be included to describe what is included and how to use them to better understand the work.

You can access the English report writing guide and report template here. The page, font, and paragraph settings are also adjusted in this document as desired.