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    About Midterm Dates

    2019-2020 Academic Year Fall Semester midterms will be held on[...]
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    About Students Who Have Not Completed The Interactive Course Registration

    There are some students who make course selection during the[...]
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    Graduation Project Proposal Template

    The attached word documents contain the English and Turkish templates[...]
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    About the Problem of Enrollment in TDI / TUR101

    Unregistered problem related to TDI / TUR101 is solved. Our[...]
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    Dean of Faculty of Engineering Social Media Account

    A twitter account was created in order to ensure that[...]
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    About HIS101 History of Turkish Revolution I Course Cancellation

    On Thursday, September 19, 2019, HIS101 History of Turkish Revolution[...]
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    About COM101-BLM0101 Courses

    COM101B, which was held on Monday at 10:30 for English[...]